At least 110 Republicans will not vote for Trump. Does he stand a chance in November?

  • Yes, he has a chance in November.

    Yes, he has as much of a chance to win as Hillary Clinton, which is sad for the United States and the world. Just because those Republicans are saying they won't vote for Trump, that doesn't mean that a whole host of other people won't vote for him. He has said racist things and has a history of doing racist practices in business and he is still relatively close in the polls. He has a chance to win the election.

  • Many Trump supporters don't admit it

    Donald Trump has the reluctant support of many conservatives and the covert support of many Republican lawmakers. His off-the-cuff comments attract a lot of negative attention and offend many people. Most Republican lawmakers who are concerned with preserving their own political future have distanced themselves from him, but they will vote for him and support many of his views.

  • He's gonna get slaughtered

    Trump is going to lose typical Republican strongholds, and it's great. The GOP has been planning on beating Hillary Clinton for 20+ years, and they shot themselves in the foot and now are running Trump. He's a terrible campaigner and worse politician. The sad part is that he's making us all happy to have Hillary as president :(

  • His campaign is effectively over

    Trump has absolutely no chance of winning the election in November. He has said and done so many horrid things that it's hard to imagine that anyone could support him at this point. He is losing badly to Clinton, and most are projecting a landslide victory in terms of electoral votes in November.

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