Attorney General Loretta Lynch stonewalls for Hillary Clinton: Is Loretta Lynch protecting Hillary Clinton from criminal charges?

  • Yes, there is a conspiracy to put the Clintons back in the White House.

    Yes, the fact that Loretta Lynch met on an airport tarmac with Bill Clinton at the time the FBI was about to announce the results of their findings indicates there is something fishy going on between the Department of Justice, led by Lynch, and the Clintons. It seems the powers that be will do whatever's within their reach to keep Trump out of the White House.

  • Yes, Loretta Lynch is protecting Hillary Clinton.

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch is protecting Hillary Clinton from criminal charges. Lynch used to work for Bill Clinton, so she has long ties to both Bill and Hillary. Lynch is likely returning a favor to Hillary by blocking the Justice Department from charging her. Furthermore, there have been rumors that Lynch would like to stay on as Attorney General if Hillary wins the presidency. This too is likely influencing Lynch to protect Hillary.

  • Yes. This topic upsets me.

    The only reason that Loretta Lynch has not charged Hillary Clinton is either because she is liberal or Bill Clinton had a nice talk with her. Lynch knows that what she's doing is immoral, and she knows that Clinton should be prosecuted. It is unfortunate that people in such a position of power can be tainted like this.

  • No, she is not protecting her.

    Lorretta Lynch is not protecting Hillary Clinton. Clinton has not committed any actual crimes. Instead Lynch is protecting herself by trying to keep her private life out of the press as much as possible. She is friends with the Clintons and any meetings she had or advice she gave is sure to be picked apart by the press and the public.

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