Aurora massacre survivors end up owing the theater $700,000 after suing. Do you think this right?

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  • They shouldn't owe anything.

    The people who survived the massacre in Aurora should not have to pay the theater anything. They did make the choice to sue, but these people have already been through enough. They are likely going to be dealing with mental trauma for the rest of their lives, so they need their funds to handle this, not to pay the theater.

  • No, the survivors should not have to pay.

    This is such a sad situation for everyone involved, but the theater comes out the big victor. Not only do they not take any blame for the situation, they don't have to pay their own court cost. Essentially, the victims are being victimized again. It is especially unfair because the theater spend so much money paying for people to testify to win the case and now the victims have no choice but to pay those ridiculous fees.

  • No, they have been through enough already.

    This is wrong because these people have been through a very traumatic ordeal. Whatever happened before this dreadful event should be forgotten about as the shooting itself will have done enough damage to their lives, without them having to part with such a large sum of money on top. Most people will never be so unfortunate to have to live through such a terrifying event.

  • No, it seems to me they just wanted some easy money.

    I feel sorry for the victims but suing a theater chain for the action of a random mad man is ridiculous. It's not the theaters fault it seems to me they just wanted some easy money. I feel for them but I'm glad they lost. The last thing we need is military forces guarding places of fun entertainment... Which is what they would get eventually after winning.

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