Avocado shortage fuels crime wave in New Zealand: Would you smuggle fruits and vegetables if it would make you a lot of money?

  • Bringing health to those who need it

    While I would not smuggle cigarettes, alcohol or drugs (as I believe they bring more bad to the consumer than good), I would completely be open to smuggling vegetables for the exact opposite reason. If it happened to make me a little extra money on the side, then so be it.

  • Fruit crime is becoming a problem in New Zealand, don't give into that temptation

    As appealing as it may be to become an avocado kingpin in New Zealand, a life of crime is not a good choice for anyone. Fruit and vegetable smuggling is becoming a big deal in the Kiwi nation but I would not choose to fall into that lifestyle because it is against the law.

  • No I would not

    There is a huge crime wave in New Zealand at the moment due to the massive increase in price of avocado's, because of the huge shortage in crops. I could never steal fruit from another farmers in order to sell. It is completely dishonest, and the other person would subsequently be at a loss.

  • Fruit shortages should not be cause for crime

    Though any sort of shortage will probably create a black market, it's strange that fruit shortages would result in a crime wave. Personally, despite the money to be made, I would not resort to illegal activity. I would guess there are legal ways to profit off of a fruit shortage.

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