Baby Boomers were once called "The Me Generation": Are they too hard on Millennials?

  • The "Me Generation" needs to cut Millenials some slack

    Baby Boomers were called the "Me Generation" for their self-absorbed attitudes - and now that attitude has extended to criticizing the people of the Millenial generation. They blame younger individuals for problems that began during the seventies and eighties when the Millenials weren't even around! I think that it's time for the "Me Generation" to understand where young people are coming from instead of viewing everything from their own narrow perspective.

  • Yes, Millennials are struggling through very difficult times, while Baby Boomers have it much easier.

    A lot of Baby Boomers love to complain about how "lazy" and "entitled" Millennials are, but they don't seem to realize certain things. First of all, Millennials are faced with a terrible job market, and if they can get a job, they will get terrible wages, which they will somehow be expected to use to pay for their unbelievably expensive college tuition, when in two years of working, they will probably not even be able to save up enough to pay for one semester of college. Baby Boomers could easily get a summer job, where they could make enough money to pay for their entire college tuition for four years. Baby Boomers had a much easier time in many ways.

  • Every generation gripes.

    Every previous generation complains about the current generation. They usually say they are too entitled and too reckless when in turn that complaining generation was just as bad if not worse than the current generation they are complaining about. Every generation has its quirks and faults and it all has to do with the times, not the generation itself.

  • Millennials have had it easy!

    Millennials may have a hard time going through life but that is their own fault. They rely on technology way too much. I think that millennials should stop the "I only got 73 likes on this.OMG!". Are you kidding me? This is an app people, how important is it?! I think that both had it easy but millennials get whatever they want.

  • No, it's just the natural order of things to pick on the younger generation.

    If you look back in history (to the 1920s, at least) every older generation has spoken of the new generation being more me-centric than the last. The Millennials are self obsessed in different ways than the generation before (thanks to technology), but it's really no different at its base. When the now Millennials are in their 40s, they'll say the same of the new generation.

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