Ban on circuses: Should animal circuses be banned?

  • Animals should be banned from circuses!!!

    Animals should be banned from circuses because they are trapped in cages, away from their habitats and are put in dangerous situations, which is really harmful for animals. Even if humans enjoy watching them, they don’t think about whether or not animals are enjoying themselves.
    Animals are trapped in cages, before and after their part of the show is done. The cages don’t have that much space, which also makes them really uncomfortable and there is less oxygen. For example, when the part is done they have to go inside their cages and respect their owners. If they don’t, they will be punished.
    Animals are force to leave their habitats and are taken away from their homes. They have to leave their families behind in the wilderness alone. Sometimes they even have to leave their babies alone when they don’t know how to do things and still need their mother. Some animals like to hunt for food but, they can’t hunt for their own foods. For example, when a circus owner sees an animal with talent they just capture it.
    While doing really hard stunts animals can get hurt. Animals have gotten many bad injuries because of these stunts. They are also abused physically while being trained for the stunts they have to do in the circus. This can also be harmful for humans because sometimes when an animal gets angry it starts to attack the audience and host. When the trainers hit them they can also get angry and attack.
    To help stop animals from having to be part of circuses you will have to go to them and explain it to the owners. You can go to and subscribe, as it will have more information and tell you how to save animals lives. You can also protest to free the animals from zoos, circuses, and more. If animals are free they will be more of them and they will feel happier.

  • Here are 3 reasons why

    OK fist circuses punish animals if they do not want to perform they will be punished from whips, electric prods and muzzles etc and second animals will be separated from family and friends which is just wrong third reason they have to move from place to place and live in cages and when they do get out they are forced to do things they arent suppose to do

  • They torture animals

    I HATE PEOPLE who work in circusesd h h h h h h h h h hh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h h h h h h h hg g hgh gh g hg h g hg h g hg

  • Yes of Course

    Circuses completely abuse ALL their animals. This is no generalization. Do some research and what you discover will make you feel the same way I do about this. Even if some circuses have their animals in "good conditions" the tricks they are forced to do are unnatural. Tigers naturally fear fire, yet they are forced to jump through rings of it. Being in the 21st century you think we could do so much better then this. Join me and STOP this terrible abusive action!

  • Yes they should be banned

    What have we done to them. They do not deserve to be harmed for there rest of there lives.We,people of corse will not want to be treated they way we treat them. I know its fun and intertwining but still we should banned animal circuses and trade them with regular circuses

  • Yes they should

    Although some children dream of running away to join the circus, it is a safe bet that most animals forced to perform in circuses dream of running away from the circus. Colorful pageantry disguises the fact that animals used in circuses are captives who are forced—under threat of punishment—to perform confusing, uncomfortable, repetitious, and often painful acts. Circuses would quickly lose their appeal if more people knew about the cruel methods used to train the animals as well as the cramped confinement, unacceptable travel conditions, and poor treatment that they endure—not to mention what happens to them when they “retire.”

  • Bad for animals

    It is bad for all the animals because the elephants can become extinct if used. Violation of the animal well fare act. They are always chained or put in cages. The animals are shocked whipped poked or hit when they do something wrong! It is animal cruelty for me to watch the circus

  • Circuses are Cruel and Awful

    Do you enjoy the circus? You might, but animals don’t. A life in the the circus is a life in chains for an animal. They are physically abused, kept in cages, and can actually be a danger to the public. I think that all animals should be banned from performing or taking any part in circuses.

  • Torture Is NOT okay,

    The circus ring leaders are in charge of the whole shabang, so anything bad that happens affects their reputation. Therefore, they want the animals in the acts to perform PERFECTLY!!! They will go to any extent to make sure that it is so. They will, and have, whipped, beaten, burned, and lashed animals like elephants, tigers, lions, and any other animals in the Circus Act. THIS SHOULD NOT AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

  • Animal circus... So outdated

    Ok, circus with animals are so outdated and cruel. There are plenty other entertainment then watching animals do some dumb tricks. If you really want to see animals got to zoo or farms. Also human performers are very entertaining, It is impossible for circus to provide animals good condition since its always moving. So ban animal circus.

  • Animals in the Circus isn't CRUELTY

    People say that having animals in the circus is cruelty. It is only cruelty if they haven't got the five freedoms that are expected. I find that it is only animal cruelty if they use wild animals. The use of wild animals in circuses is very bad because they are not of any use to the environment around them. If you take a wrong turn with them it would end badly. This wouldn't happen with tamed animals because they could be used to the environment and noise around them.

  • No I don't think so.

    Circuses typically only use a few animals in their show. Elephants, tigers and lions are the main ones. As long as these animals are being treated with care and not abused I think it is okay. If abuse is seen in the animals, then that particular circus should not be allowed to have animals.

  • No, They Should Not

    I believe it is possible for a circus to take proper care of their animals and I think it is important to ensure that they do. However, I do not believe it is necessary to ban circuses. Circuses are business models that entrepreneur's have had success with. People enjoy the entertainment as well.

  • No,animal circuses should not be banned.

    No,animal circuses should not be banned.Animal circuses may get a bad reputation because there are a few circuses out there that do actually abuse and neglect their animals but that should not keep the general public from enjoying the performances of circuses that are legitimate and above board in the way they treat animals.

  • No but it depends.

    Animal circuses should not be banned provided the animals within the circus are living in acceptable conditions. However the definition of acceptable conditions varies between each species. I do believe very large or aggressive wild species should be kept out of circuses. This is because they are not only putting humans interacting with them at risk but it is simply not possible to provide humane conditions for the animals. Take elephants for example, for many animal circuses elephants are the center piece, the main course, however if one thinks about the conditions elephants are subject to in the wild, circus life is highly inhumane. For one point most circuses can only care for a single elephant - Elephants are herd animals and need to socialize with their own kind to live a 'happy' life. And yet again, almost all, if not every animal circus, simply cannot provide for the vast amount of space elephants need to live 'happy' lives. Most ZOOS cannot cater for their spacial requirements! And again with big cats such as lions and tigers, these are wild animals, circus life can put them under a huge amount of stress which would invariably increase the likelihood of them lashing out at human handlers. Circuses simply can not provide the natural setting that these animals need to thrive.

  • No, animal circuses should not be banned.

    No, animal circuses should not be banned. I believe that animal circuses are a great form of entertainment for family units. They should not be banned, however, on the condition that the animals are not treated poorly. This would require the animal rights activists to keep an eye on living and eating conditions for the animals that perform in the circus.

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