Ban on human reproductive cloning: Is human cloning the equivalent to playing God?

  • Yes. I believe human cloning is the equivalent to playing God.

    Yes. I believe human cloning is the equivalent to playing God, because only God can create life. the fact that people would even consider cloning is unfathomable to me. It is a blatant crime against nature, and should not be allowed in any capacity. There should certainly be a ban on cloning.

  • Yes. Only God should be able to make a person.

    Yes. It is wrong for man to try and play God. Human cloning is attempting to do what only God can do. It is unethical to play God by trying to make a human clone. There us also the question of the purpose a clone would serve. It would only be a matter of time before further issues would arise regarding rights for clones, etc.

  • Human cloning is the equivalent of playing God and is a crime against nature

    The creation of artificial life is a crime in defiance of nature as it would be groundbreaking in the search for immortality, bring again the commercialization of life and create an eternal power struggle between natural and fabricated man. The act of human cloning would be the end of the world as we know it.

  • Human cloning is the equivalent to playing God.

    Humans should not clone people because it is unnatural. Cloning humans is akin to playing god. Lawmakers should make cloning illegal so that these crimes against nature are not committed in the future. We always should have respect for human life by not doing unnatural things with the human body.

  • Do not ban cloning.

    I agree that if you a Christian it is playing God, but we have the separation of church and states. Cloning should be legal and not be banned. It could lead to major advances in health. Also, would give the possibility to clone yourself for an organ you need to live. The law should not be based on the Bible, a book written by men to be the word of God 2000 years ago.

  • No, human cloning is not the equivalent.

    Human cloning is not playing god. Human cloning is just creating a scientific duplicate of a particular animal. God does not exist in any shape or form as it is something that was made up years ago. Cloning is something that is real and possible. Anything real and possible cannot be compared to a fake object.

  • It is not.

    Human cloning is not the equivalent to playing god. For the people who believe that God has a plan for everyone and everything has already been planned out, then it would make sense that it was Him who allowed cloning to happen. People just need to get off of their high horses.

  • God and Science

    Human reproductive cloning is not playing God because the latter is not science. Science and religion are two disciplines where the latter one is mostly of historic significance. Because God has dominion over science, the scientists are using God's knowledge to perform the cloning. Therefore, cloning is not playing God.

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