Ban on human reproductive cloning: Is it wrong for infertile couples to seek a cloned child?

  • Yes, it is wrong for infertile couples to seek a cloned child.

    Yes, it is wrong for infertile couples to seek a cloned child. It is just my personal belief that cloning is wrong and it just seems creepy. An infertile couple can always choose adoption over cloning a child which is trying to play god in my opinion and goes against nature.

  • Cloned Children a Bad Idea

    Nobody, not even infertile couples, should be able to seek a cloned child. Human cloning is a terrible and unethical idea that would undoubtedly lead to corruption and other problems for society. With that in mind, cloned children shouldn't even be entertained as a possibility for any type of couple today.

  • Cloning is tampering with a natural process

    When it comes to the issue of human cloning, I personally don't believe it should be done as improper dumping of altered genes into the regular human population could cause a rise in once rare genetic disorders. Infertility is part of the natural selective process of evolution that separates out weaker traits from stronger traits.

  • It is wrong for infertile couples to seek a cloned child.

    It is wrong for infertile couples to seek a cloned child. I do not think that cloning humans is such a good idea because we are not God. We should not be cloning humans because we do not know what will happen when we do this. Will they be exactly like us or something else?

  • Cloning Shouldn't Be Allowed, Yet

    I do not believe cloned children, at this point, is a good idea. I believe cloning brings up moral questions that we have not yet obtained answers for. Could cloned children be treated differently than regular children? Will cloned people have the same rights as non-cloned people? I think we should attempt to set ground rules for cloning before we start attempting it.

  • Its not significantly different from existing forms of A.R.T.

    Why it is an allowed form of A.R.T. To take a nuclear DNA from an egg cell and place it into another egg cell (A.K.A.Spindle transfer), but it is not allowed to conduct essential an identical procedure with a genetic material from a somatic cell? Prohibiting reproductive cloning is same as prohibiting any other assisted reproduction methods.It is unreasonable and inhumane.

  • Not once it's safe

    Once it's safe I see nothing wrong with it. But given what experiments have shown we will need to figure out how to make it safe first. Otherwise the child will age rapidly. But once we've corrected that then cloning is a promising reproductive technology for couples. It would be just like IVF.

  • Cloning is the future

    Cloning is the future of medicine, but many misconceptions exist as to what it actually means. There is nothing more unnatural about cloning than there is about a number of medical procedures. Clones aren't 100% identical - people grow over time, even in the genetic sense (due to epigenetic factors).

  • No as long as its safe

    I will admit I don't know a whole lot about cloning. I think there needs to be more research done into before we reach the point you are at with it. If it is deemed to be safe I do not see an issue with adopting a cloned child if it works for all parties.

  • No, The Term Clone is Volatile, Fertility Treatment is Necessary

    The term clone, particularly when used with regard to humans is volatile, misused and misunderstood. The fertility treatments often sought by infertile couples generally involve procedures like intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), but neither of these are actual cloning procedures. ICSI is a method of getting the egg to fertilize, and generally it is the wife's egg and husband's sperm used just like it would be if fertilization occurred naturally. PGD detects genetic anomolies before an IVF procedure in order to prevent miscarriage and medical problems. There is no effective cloning procedure in the way the movies portray it, so using this term against fertility treatment is just a meaningless scare tactic by the opposition.

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