Ban on public nudity: Should public nudity be allowed in the United States?

  • Hurts no one

    Public nudity hurts no one. It should be legalized. It would be nice to be able to take off more clothes when it gets really hot out. Some places have already done it.
    No other species covers its skin in shame, much less punishes other members of its species for not doing so.

  • Nudity hurts no-one

    I think that public nudity should be legal anytime and anywhere. Anyone of any age should be able to go nude. I would also create for the nudists/naturists clothing optional schools so they can send their children to school while bringing the sons or daughters up as they wish. There would have to be strict rules on who and who cannot enter the school grounds, but other than that I cannot see how public nudity, even including children, should not be made legal, not only is the USA but in all countries on Earth.

  • A Nation of Sheep

    We as a nation follow bible thumping preachers to do our thinking for us. Good grief, we need to get a life. Free thinking is not allowed because the powers to be cannot predict the outcome. Makes them as nervous as cats on a tin roof. If it feels good, do it.

  • Why wear clothes

    If the USA is the land of the free then why can't we go naked in public ? It should be our choice to go naked in public if we want to . But some people who look at nudity as bad or dealing with sex have closed minds . There is nothing wrong with man and woman as well as family's going naked in public . It should be our choice if we want to go to the store , to work , out to breakfast lunch or dinner naked . During the warm months it should be allowed for all people to go naked in public with no fear of being arrested for being naked. People being naked outdoors without any fear of being harassed would be really helpful,.

  • Greater appreciation of human body

    People view the human body with stigma. What is wrong with the human body? Its beautiful admire it! There is nothing wrong with it, as for rape well its due to some sick people's minds. People think bodies need to like hot model but it doesnt!!!Every body is different that what makes us (you) beautiful!!

  • It is a measure of freedom.

    For one, we can express freedom of appearance. Fort wo, it preventsus from overheating. Also, it puts less pressure on those who are poor having to buy clothes. In general, it is just a freer state of mind and should be considered for those who like it and are poor.

  • Nude, does the body Good.

    Read Naturist Education Foundation reports. Up to 73% of Americans support Nude Sunbathing! 67% agree to set aside Clothing Option Areas! 70% of Americans agree to be Nude In and On their own Properties! America, Nudity is and Always a will be a Personal Right. California poll. I've been to the beach and walked naked.

  • Feel one with nature

    I love to be nude lets me be myself and the feel of the sun is out of this world. Most are afraid to be nude but i really dot see why. In-brace you body and be yourself i mean Adam and eve were nude be fore they ate the forbidden fruit

  • Feel one with nature

    I love to be nude lets me be myself and the feel of the sun is out of this world. Most are afraid to be nude but i really dot see why. In-brace you body and be yourself i mean Adam and eve were nude be fore they ate the forbidden fruit

  • We are on a nude planet in a naked universe.

    All ages should be allowed to see the natural nude form. Devil possessed people would say otherwise. People need to be in thir right mind clothed or unclothed. People who are in their right mind will be in God's kingdom. Muslims hate the nude form. They are obeying Satan who hates the nude form. Muslims will lie. We are on a nude planet in a naked universe. Google needs to allow nude art at least. Furrysuits should be allowed to look exactly like the furry wants them to look and I mean exactly. God made life to look like he wanted.

  • It's Against The Greater Good

    1) To put it bluntly, it could increase the occurrence of rape. The creepers who are liable to commit that act are now much more tempted by a person who is walking around naked. The impact of this likely wouldn't be significant, but it is still there, and all countermeasures for rape should be taken.
    2) There are a smaller number of people who would be willing to walk around naked, than there are parents who don't want their children to be exposed to nudity at certain ages. The parents win due to the logical need to satisfy the greater good.

  • Why be nude

    Tis true that other species do not cover their skin but the world has evolved enough and our mind set is changed that we should cover our skin and that it is not so good to expose yourself. Exposing ones self is fairly uncomfortable and we have all grown into a society where everyones private parts stay private and i believe there would be much more sexual harassment and most likely rape with people strutting around with no clothes on, sexual predators may be about and i'm sure most people would feel uncomfortable with staring eyes on their bodies

  • People probably won't like you.

    Most people don't want to see nude people walking around. Also you probably won't have any friends, I wouldn't want to be a friend to a nude person. What if it snowed then you would be cold with out clothes on. Also if you go nude to your job your probably get fired

  • Keep your clothes on

    No, I think public nudity should not be allowed in the United States. We have enough rape and child molesters out here so no not saying that all nudist are rapist but the less you see the better it is so , no the United States should not allow nudity.

  • I dont want to see junk

    Just imagine walking on the sidewalk and people are walking past you nude. Men are flinging their junk around telling people to look at it and touch it. I'm all set in seeing an obese person nude and someone with herpes showing it off. It's very disturbing to think about.

  • Nudity is not on in public or on TV

    God clothed Adam and Eve, we too should be clothed. Your nakedness is sacred and private! God's word tells us to dress with humility, that does not mean to flaunt what you own. I believe so many think freedom is being able to do whatever you want, when in reality it is the freedom to choose between doing what is right from wrong.

  • It's not necessary.

    I can understand where some of these arguments are coming from, and I agree that people who go around nude do not deserve to be raped. But the majority of people do not like going around naked, and you can't expect everyone to change for you. It's uncomfortable for others to see. Also, is it really necessary? Why is there a real need to take off your clothes in public?

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