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  • In general, they are not.

    The morality of things changes with time, once they would be considered so, but now there are so many and has such an acceptance that it is not considered immoral. Sex toys do many great things for both relationships and health, and if only my personal opinion the world would probably be a much duller place without them. However, there is something of an exception to consider; sex toys for men are not as well accepted as sex toys for women. It is even often the case that women who buy sex toys themselves say that they would be mortified and feel betrayed if men buy sex toys for themselves. My personal opinion is that no sex toy is immoral, but the use of it can be. Using it in your own home is moral, waving a dildo in front of peoples face in the middle of the street is not.

  • No, sex toys are not immoral.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with sex toys. Sex toys allow people to have sex without a partner. This is a great way to keep from getting pregnant and catching venereal diseases. There are already way to many unwanted children. Sex toys play a small part in preventing a few more from being born.

  • No, They Are Not

    Sex toys are not, of themselves, immoral. They are simply an inanimate object that is used to stimulate sexual response from the user. Every human is a sexual being, and sexual responses are natural. If humans are given options to release sexual tension within themselves, it may make for a healthier lifestyle.

    Toys are also often used between partners, and may help stimulate and keep sex fun. This should also not be considered immmoral.

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