Ban on spanking children: Should there be an outright ban on the smacking or spanking of children?

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  • If a parent feels it's right.

    I think spanking a child by the hand or an object is fine as long as there is a limit to how hard you can spank and a limit on how old the child should be spanked at, id say around age 5 to 13 years old and i don't think it should be done in schools and it should be done by a parent or grand parent and not bare butt.

  • No, there should not.

    Spanking a child lightly is not abuse, or harmful. It shows them that what they are about to do could be dangerous - running out in the street, playing with fire, etc. It helps to keep them out of harms way. There is a line when it comes to spanking, but a light tap does no harm.

  • There shouldn't be any ban on spanking

    I have to disagree with doing any form of banning when it comes to spanking towards children, I feel that it abuses the rights of the parent to be parents. However a parent wants to discipline their child is their choice. Just as long as the child isn't physically abused from the treatment then I have no issue with spanking

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