Ban school policy on MIDRIFF dress code cause were women don't punish us for having breast and ban no bra strap showing in High school?

Asked by: TrinitHall.o
  • A Student From Modesto High School in California:

    Hello I'm a female student from Modesto High school and know it's absurd to make rules that are offensive and at the same time discriminating against women. Sure I get the other school rules but to ban cleavage or midriff is completely ridiculous! We were made to grow breast. Plus on side of that it's only cleavage were not topless like guys can be or anything. We were bras and should have the right to not be sent home if out bra strap is showing like were not showing our entire bra and if it's hot we should have the same right as guys to wear a tank top without staff or teacher sending us to office for having breast even if their small or big stop this sexist law now!!!

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