Banning Muslim hijab: Is it appropriate to ban head scarves in public schools?

  • Why do the allow hijab but not allow public prayer

    Sorry to say, not but how come israel get to wear hijab but not christian praying out loud or getting to wear crosses. Like the law wants to take out under God when ya recite the american flag but that a part of christian religion. I know that this is the truth

  • No it is very inappropriate to ban hijabs.

    Banning the use of hijabs in schools would be synonymous with banning crucifixes, bibles, taos, and any other object that can be tied to any religion. To specifically ban the use of these scarves without the proper knowledge of their function would be prejudicial, immoral, and against the American ways of equality for all.

  • No, a hijab does not pose a threat in public schools, and should not be banned.

    These are children and not terrorists. They are not posing a threat to anybody by wearing a hijab that is relative to their religious practices. They are protected and allowed to practice this religious act under the freedom of religion; however, this may be contested just like bibles and the traditional "Pledge of Allegiance" have been. America has become a world of Muslim prejudice because of the terror we faced on 9/11. When we see a person wearing a hijab we are reminded of terror. If a child chooses to wear a hijab they unfortunately have a price to pay. All of these reasons still do not take away the child's freedom to practice their religion.

  • Religion is protected

    It just baffles me how people could think that banning a religious thing would be right. I mean, it's protected within the country. I'm not fan of religion, nor am I religious, but I do support those who have a religion. If they want to do it, let them. It's really no one elses business.

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