Barack Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize: Did Barack Obama deserve the Peace Prize based on his accomplishments?

  • Happy I'm Not An Ignorant Idiot

    Yes, I believe he deserved the award. Yes, there have been other people who did even greater things than he did. No, he did not receive the award for being black. It's sad that people actually think that's why he received it. Do some research, and you'll realize its because of the good he's done for the world. And no, he doesn't "brainwash and trick" people into serving their country. People fight for their country to protect our rights to say things like that.

  • Obama won this prize for a reason.

    Barack Obama won this prize for promoting international diplomacy and nuclear non-proliferation. Now Obama perhaps is not the greatest Nobel Peace Prize laureate, but his work in the areas he received this prize for has been amazing and he is deserving of this award because of that. Obama brought on a new era of American diplomacy that has been marked by much greater cooperation. Of course, its not perfect, but it was a massive change back in 2009. Also, he has done enormous amounts of work reducing nuclear stockpiles around the world.

  • No, Barack Obama did not deserve the Peace Prize.

    Barack Obama did not do anything of significance to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. All he did was become the first black president. This is not something that is deserving of the Nobel peace Prize. There were much more deserving individuals that should have been considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Barrak Obama Is a Crock

    The nobel peace price has been awarded to many amazing people in history, Barrack Obama is not even on the same map as the past winners, all he has done is create problems and make people hate each other more than ever, I have a little brother who lives in the Ukraine, he says everyone there know why the USA is going down, its because of our President!

  • I don't think Obama has been an overall bad president, but this award was a little premature.

    President Obama received this award during his first year of holding the highest office in the United States. Up to this point all he did was talk about what his goals were. Any politician with legitimate experience working on the hill for more than one term could have explained that Obamas hope was all just a pipe dream. His agenda was entirely too far reaching and as a result, programs that could have been successful, like the ACA, turned into poorly constructed excuses for good governance. According to the Nobel association's criteria for being granted the peace prize, every Miss America contestant who says the want world peace should be considered for the award. It tarnishes both the reputation of the Nobel association by having granted this award to President Obama.

  • Obama is a picture perfect progressive idealist.

    Look at anyone who won the nobel peace prize. All have great accomplishments. They said it was simply for "efforts to strengthen diplomacy" not even any actual achievement, just efforts. Wow think of how many Nobel Peace Prizes should be given out every day! He is simply a corrupt politician like so many others.

  • O'bomber is a Savage Killer

    Peace means NOT invading sovereign nations, murdering innocents, and destroying everything that is sacred to health and happiness. Barrack Obomba funnels trillions of U.S. taxpayer's dollars into a war-machine that brainwashes and exploits otherwise ignorant young men and women into risking their lives - ONLY to serve power-hungry so-called elite. The guy is a common petro-bankster fraud and should be hung with the rest of them from a bent and twisted American flagpole. A simplistic little joke, is what the Nobel Peace Prize has become because of Barbarack O'bomber.

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