• No reason it shouldn't be

    The only thing we truly own is our body. We have the right to bodily autonomy. We can eat what we want, we can take advil when we are feeling ill, we can get plastic surgery done, etc.
    Why would this exclude euthanasia?
    It is ultimately the individual's choice whether they continue to live or not.

    On a smaller note, the pragmatic advantages are significant as well. Reduction of public suicides mean less traumatized people.
    Reduction of non-euthanasia suicide means less money spent on clean up.
    Reduction on non-euthanasia suicide also means public transport moves more smoothly, as most public suicides are done in ways that fetter the regular flow of these systems.

  • It's their choice

    People should be able to choose whether they want to keep suffering or just die. If somebody says that they don't want to continue suffering in pain, then they should be able to just do what they want, but I'm not talking about suicide or anything. They could just die peacefully.

  • It would be the moral thing to do for terminally ill people, or those in constant physical pain for other reasons.

    Certain illnesses, such as cancer, are immensely painful. I believe that it is inhumane to force people to suffer in constant pain, if they will soon die anyway. In this case, euthanasia will give individuals the control they want. They can set their affairs in order, say goodbye to their families, and die peacefully, without being forced to suffer through much pain first.

    I don't believe euthanasia should be legal for everyone, though. Suicidal people with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, or PTSD, should be given counselling, rather than the option for euthanasia. In many cases, mental illness can be repaired, or controlled so that the individuals no longer feel suicidal.

  • Sufferring is sufferring and reality is reality

    Doctors and nurses are generally obliged to do whatever they can to help assist people to get better. However, a positive rather than a normative approach is much more desirable in many situations of extreme physical suffering where resources need not be wasted extending sufferring and could be better used helping the young and others who would like to live. Euthanasia laws also perpetuate a hegemony of religiosity over practicality unnecessarily and apply different standards across different living mammals.

  • Euthanasia is good

    If someone wants to die then they should be able too. A quick painless death for an incurable person is much better then a harmful, painful suicide. Euthanasia however, might be bad because there are always miracles and that one person might just be a miracle case and survive so it can go either way.

  • No reason not to

    We live in a nation that has opted to reject religion, God, heavenly authority, Scripture, and all divine influence. Without said influence, what purpose is there to life? Why would we require someone live a life of pain and misery if there is nothing more? Why would we deny man the rights of their own body? If you say we are of natural process yet you reject euthanasia, is there any logic within you?

  • If You Will Suffer For The Rest Of Your Life Than yes!

    One of the people against this said, "If we have a bad day we don't just jump of a bridge" well i don't believe in euthanasia if that's the case. If someone lost all their limbs and they want to die... Then let them die. We shouldn't let people kill themselves for small things. We should allow them to kill themselves if the problem CAN NOT be reversed. You cant grow your legs or arms back. If you have to be fed through a tube for the rest of your life then you should have the right to be euthanized. Also, you shouldn't just keep some brain dead family member on life support forever... That is just cruelty!

  • It is against human laws as in just sanity

    We should not be able to just sit in a chair and die if we wanted to. If we have a bad day we don't just jump of a bridge, this is why we should be not be able to do euthanasia because it just goes against sanity and what humans believe in.

  • People Who Request Mercy Killing Don’t Actually Want To Die.

    Many people think that the main reason why patients seek for physician assisted death is because of the pain associated with the illness, but the truth is it’s the fear of the unknown. Obviously, no one wants to be a burden to their families, friends, and communities. But it’s also true that no one wants to die. The practice of euthanasia is an unwise and wrong choice. Sure, having an illness and being born with disability is tragic, but killing them is not the answer to their problem. If these people will only see that we are caring for them and valuing their lives, they will be encouraged to continue life, no matter how painful it will get.

  • It is cruelty!

    It is cruelty to animals and humans. People should be allowed to decide whether they want to continue suffering or want to die peacefully. But it should not be allowed on animals because no-one knows what the animal wants. Unless of course, the animal is in critical condition or has a non-curable disease that is making it suffer extreme amounts of pain, and anxiety.

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