Bee colonies at risk: Do you think the disappearance of bees is a serious issue?

  • Bees are vital to our food supply.

    The protection of bee colonies is vital to the safety of our food supply. Most, if not all, of the vegetables and fruits we depend on rely on the pollination of the parent plant. The vast majority of this is done by insects, primarily bees. Without them, plants cannot produce fruit. The government, and every person, should consider this a priority. Bees are endangered by such things as eradication of their habitats and overuse of insecticides. Once the bees are extinct, our food sources will be drastically reduced. Most fruits and vegetables will become extinct. Many of the plants eaten by animals we use for food will perish, and without them the animals will starve. Humans cannot survive on grasses alone, but grasses are the primary plant family which pollinates by airborne pollens. We must address this issue before it is too late, for the bees and for ourselves.

  • Yes, Bees Disappearing a Serious Issue

    Bees are very important. Not only are they important in the pollenation of thousands of plants, but they also produce honey. If the bees totally disappear, how many plants would disappear also? Without those plants, how many other insect species and animals species would suffer? If bees disappeared, there would be a downward spiral in plant and animal species.

  • Yes, the disappearance of bees is a serious issue.

    Yes, the disappearance of bees is a serious issue. Humans depend on bees for survival. Bees pollinate flowers and help them grow, which provides oxygen for humans. Without bees, humans would definitely not live the way they do now. We need bees, even if they sting us. Their disappearance is a serious issue.

  • Death and extinction of bees

    It is a serious issue that we face as of today, The danger that the decline of bees and other pollinators represents to the world’s food supply was highlighted this week when the European Commission decided to ban a class of pesticides suspected of playing a role in so-called “colony collapse disorder".

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