Before we existed we had peace. Now we all have good and or bad things that we dont deserve. Our lives are wrong for us.

Asked by: steffon66
  • There is no denying that life is unfair.

    Sadly most people think what you earn is what you deserve. What you earn is almost never what you deserve because you deserve something so specific and unique while you get something so basic and common. No two people deserve the same thing. What we deserve is like a fingerprint in the sense that its unique. A murder for you might be a bad experience that would cause guilt and you wouldnt want to do it anyways while some have a possibly irresistible urge to kill people. And there is everything in between now factor in the specific evils they did, how many times they did them, and how hard it would be for them to not do it and whether or not they know its wrong or how much they believe its wrong and you get what you deserve which would probably be impossible to aquire given the selfish and unfair moralities of those around you and their ignorance to what you have truely done on the inside. So we dont get what we deserve and a lot of people are suffering gratuitously so you can be happy when you dont deserve it anyways. So i have to yes life is wrong. Ive been mad for as long as i can remember that i am here going through the things i go through.

  • One does not simply claim "unfairness"

    Yes, the world is an unfair place. No, we rarely deserve the circumstances into which we're placed in. The question is, who determines these things? "Fair" and "deserving" are two rather subjective terms. As a Christian, I believe that the circumstances I'm .Placed in were a deliberate act of a supernatural being, so Complaining about fairness is completely pointless.

    How exactly could we have had peace before we existed? Can an entity that doesn't exist be at rest?

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