• Homosexuality is NOT a choice

    If it was, why would anybody choose to live a life where religious extremests are constantly threatening to kill him/her. Why would anybody choose to live a life which is constantly faced with discrimination and prejudice? Why would Christian homosexuals exist? Homosexuality cannot be a choice, and as such it is a perfectly natural sexual orientation. Also, all morality is subjective, please don't use moral arguments against this, as what is moral to you may not be moral to someone else. Also, the subjugation of an entire category of human beings is not "morally right" to me. But maybe you guys have a different definition of morality.


    Being Gay is natural. People who speak out against gays saying that is is unnatural honestly don't have a clue what they are talking about. Unless you understand it, have lived it, or are it, then you shouldn't be speaking on the matter. I am not a doctor, ergo I do not attempt to decide what practices or methods of medicine are "right". No difference. Think about it, people use quotes from the Bible to say it's wrong, but if I swore my friend parted a sea or walked on water I would be committed for it, yet people firmly believe everything in the bible was "God's word" and is fact, hmmm, sounds far fetched to me, last I checked liars and story tellers existed since way back when, but no one considers that.

  • We Are Human

    Being gay is okay in the same way that being black, white, straight, male, or female is. Homosexuals are simply human regardless of the moral or spiritual beliefs of others. Ultimately what it boils down to is that it is okay to be human, regardless of what you look like and who you are attracted to.

  • I don't see anything wrong with being Gay ?

    I don't see why being gay is okay ? It's just thing you're born/choose to be. I don't understand why some societies/religions and pop culture theories say that hate on it so much and try to convince people it's a negative idea. If people have a problem with gay people, they are just going to get a pacifier and suck it up. We can't change people for what their born or who they are.

  • Love is Love

    Christians think it is wrong but because of this you are judging and its not a sin to be gay in the bible it does not say that you are going to hell for falling in love with someone. Some people don't have a choice with who they fall in love with. Trust me if i could change i would. My own family looks down on me because of this. I want to be what this society calls normal but its hard when you feel like your wrong because of who you end up with. Just imagine if your boyfriend is now a female so now do you leave the person you have been saying your in love with all because they are a different gender. Its the same person just a different body. Now your just judging someones looks.

  • Being Gay Is Not Something You Can Change

    Everyone is different. There are thousands of different races, preferences, political opinions, etc. Most of us spend most of our lives fighting, instead of accepting each other. Being gay is something you are born with, it is not something people can change at will. Diversity is what makes our world, take it away, and our society crumbles as we know it.

  • Gay is fine

    Gay is fine. They are not hurting anyone. I understand why some people are grossed out by it but it's completely natural. Being gay is not a choice. It is how you are born. Otherwise we wouldn't see so many gay people from religious families being shunned. Gay is not good or bad. It's just how your born.

  • Of course its OK!

    I think that people do what is right for them. I think that when people do what is best for them, they live a better life. Its against everything we ever learned to not believe in who you are. It doesn't matter, and you people who think otherwise need to rethink your decision. It just a matter of being accepting, a life skill.

  • Yooooou betchya! (Yes)

    Loving a member of the same-sex isn't much different from loving members of a different sex (same for gender). One thing that is different is how they are treated. Persons in same-sex (or gender) relationships are the recipients of discrimination in the workplace, at public services, at restaurants, in politics... All over. They are fired for being gay, beat up for being gay, harassed for being gay, kicked out of their homes for being gay, treated inhumanely for being gay. But being gay is fine, fun, and perfectly natural.

    Posted by: kbub
  • Depends on definition

    If we take a look at what and how some people comment negatively about gays, it would be really hard for me to believe that most gay people actually CHOOSE to be gay. So if they were born gay then discriminate against these people would be pretty much the same thing as being a racist as black people didn't choose to be black, asians didn't choose to be asians.

  • Being gay is a choice.

    I don't understand how people say they were born gay. If you look at it from a Christianity view point, being gay is wrong. How do you expect to reproduce children? It was made for a man and women to be together so they could reproduce. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

  • It is not OK

    Not only is being gay against nature (how can one reproduce with the same gender?) It is morally wrong. Some may say you are born with it, Ok sure. But say your born with the feelings that you want to murder, that doesn't make it OK! Now I'm not saying I hate gays, because that's wrong, to hate someone because they believe in something, I just don't think it's ok to be gay. Nor am I saying being gay is similar to wanting to murder someone.

  • If your an animal its ok

    A male dog will try to mate with another male dog. What sets us above the animals is that we have sex with the opposite sex in order to reproduce. The school systems are teaching children how to be gay in an effort to reduce population. Love gay people. They are human beings who have been tricked into believing their behavior is normal. The goal is population control. Another plan of NWO.

  • Science Has The Answer

    This is a simple one.

    There is only one Pure Science that has an opinion on the topic, and that is Biology.

    A Pure Science is one that is based on FACT, not theories.

    Every other science that someone comes to the conclusion that being gay is okay or normal is a theoretical science.

    The only factual science says it's not okay. Biology says that homosexual sex means not having sex with sex organs. Mother nature says that homosexuality serves no function. A man was born with a penis and a girl was born with a vagina.

    Seriously, crazy world, wake up. The basic plain truth is right there in front of you and yet somewhere, somehow, you've let the gay activists brainwash you into thinking otherwise.

  • This can stop the human race.

    Being gay can stop the human race. One cannot naturally reproduce naturally with the same gender. This can severely stop the human race. If a man is with a woman, they are able to keep the human race safely going on. Therefore, being gay is not morally right for mankind.

  • This can stop the human race.

    Being gay can stop the human race. One cannot naturally reproduce naturally with the same gender. This can severely stop the human race. If a man is with a woman, they are able to keep the human race safely going on. Therefore, being gay is not morally right for mankind.

  • This isn't okay

    Being ugly is not a choice and it's not okay. Being greedy is a choice and it's not okay. So is being gay. Either if it's a choice or not (I think not) this isn't okay. But they are still people. Being gay is just not good. None of us is perfect anyway, so are gays.

  • Christian or not, it causes problems

    Obviously as a Christian, one should find this very wrong. However, even from a secular point of view, it is unnatural and causes pain. Once a gay person's 14 minute marriage is over, it leaves scars of guilt, insecurity, and feelings of unfitness in the person. When you here Christians denounce gay marriage, its not because we hate them, its because we want them to avoid these problems and to see that God loves them unconditionally.

  • Being Gay is Wrong

    Look. I don't to put a leash on others and no I do not hate gay people. Basically I hate the whole idea of gay. Not gay people but if god created one man and one women in the beginning, than why is gay good. No, we should not discriminate them and treat them differently but come on. Gay overall is wrong.

  • It is definitely a choice.

    Now, even though I'm against gay marriage, I don't think that gay hate is acceptable. I don't think that it's right for gays to be discriminated against but, again, it is my personal opinion that it is a sin to be gay. While I founded my opinion on religious values, you may continue to found your opinion on the fact that you were "just born this way."

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