Benjamin Netanyahu denies all claims of money laundering: Will anything be uncovered to refute his claim?

  • Yes, time reveals all

    All darkness and hidden sin will ultimately be brought to light. This is the same with Netanyahu's money laundering issues. If he is guilty, it will be brought to light. Unfortunately, even if he is not guilty, I have a sneaking suspicion that someone will find evidence to refute his claim. People that are targets tend to have a way of disappearing, regardless of true justice.

  • Natanyahu is innocent.

    I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is innocent, and that the charges of money laundering are being brought against him by his political enemies. Unfortunately, he has a lot of enemies both within and without his own country. I think that evidence will eventually be uncovered that show he is being framed.

  • No it won't

    A senior law enforcement official said Saturday that the police investigation into suspicions of money laundering on the part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will go public this week or early next week. Let's be honest though, someone of his stature is bound to be able to cover something like this up quite easily.

  • No, he defines the system.

    Nothing will be uncovered to refute claims by Benjamin Netanyahu on money laundering. Bibi seems to have played his cards well and is it seem he has all the country's machinery under his control, this will make it difficult for anyone to come up with concrete evidence to show his involvement in the alleged money laundering saga.

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