Bernie Sanders launches a political organization to further his progressive ideals. Do his liberal ideas have staying power?

  • Yes, the liberal ideas proposed by Bernie Sanders have staying power

    The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders demonstrated that he had a solid and loyal following of supporters. In addition, many of his progressive ideas are now being considered by the two final candidates. The progressive political ideals still need someone to champion the cause and carry the commitment into the next presidential term.

  • Bernie Sanders' ideas have staying power

    Bernie Sanders' liberal ideas have staying power. He tapped into the plight of ordinary Americans, which will continue as he forms a political organization to further these progressive ideas. Over the last 3 decades, power and wealth has grown for large corporations and a few upper income individuals. However, this has come at the expense of most Americans, who are tired of the rigged system.

  • Lots of people still feeling the Bern.

    Yes, Bernie Sanders' liberal ideas have staying power. Bernie was able to build a huge following during his presidential campaign, not just because voters were frustrated with establishment candidates, but because they believed in the ideas he put forth. Many of them were unwilling to let go of those ideas at the Democratic Convention and were still begging for more from Bernie. A new political organization may be just the thing that is needed.

  • He speaks a lot of truth.

    Bernie Sanders was really the only candidate who was talking any sense. He had a way of making you believe that we could bring change to this country and the right kind of change at that. He wasn't crazy and he was ready to unite the country in a positive way and make the working class people be the ones in charge.

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