Bernie Sanders petitions against trade deal: Should Democrats follow suit?

  • Yes, Democrats should follow suit.

    Bernie Sanders' campaign for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination pointed out the devastating impact of free trade deals on the American middle class. Sanders was able to attract millions of supporters that have experienced stagnant or declining wages, as well as diminished economic opportunities as a result of free trade agreements. Therefore, the Democratic Party should adopt Bernie Sanders' position, and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

  • Yes they should

    Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign is touting a petition with more than 700,000 signatures that calls on Democrats to oppose holding a vote on a trade deal. The petition asks the Democratic Party to oppose a vote on the TPP trade agreement, with Sanders saying it would have "disastrous" consequences for U.S. workers and the environment.

  • Yes, Democrats should follow suit

    Bernie has some wonky ideas. And most won't be reasonably accomplished within the next few years. But if he is elected President, the Democrats AND Republicans should get on board. Nothing positive will ever be accomplished in the USA if we have a 2 party system that exists solely for the sake of refuting the other party's desires.

  • Bernie's trade deal protest should gain momentum

    The controversial Democrat Bernie Sanders has petitioned against a trade deal, and many of his followers have flocked to the petition in support. The Democrats are hesitant to adopt Bernie into the fold just because of his outsider perspective, but if they support his beliefs against the trade deal, it will get a lot more traction.

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