BET Awards: Was it disappointing that Beyonce and Jay-Z's appearance was a pre-recorded video?

  • Yes, it was disappointing.

    I believe that it was a little disappointing that Beyonce and Jay-Z's appearance was just a pre-recorded video. In my opinion, the BET Awards are supposed to be completely live, instead of premeditated. Premeditation ruins any surprise that could have made the awards that much better. In most cases, to be recognized for any type of award, the people need to be present.

  • Yes, viewers tune in to awards shows to see live performances.

    One of the best parts of any awards show is watching unique, live performances. This is how pure, unpolished memories are made, and many look forward to the show all year. The BET Awards should know that, and yes, it is disappointing that Beyonce and Jay-Z, two of our brightest stars, did not perform live on such an occasion.

  • A pre-recorded segment has no impact on the BET award show.

    Whether or not Beyonce and Jay-Z's appearance at the BET awards was pre-recorded has no impact on the show. Celebrities have busy schedules and cannot always attend award shows in person. They took the time to pre-record a segment to ensure their presence was felt. This should be enough to absolve them of any negative feedback for not physically attending the show.

  • No, some people are unable to make an inperson appearence due to their schedules.

    It should not be a disappoint to the viewers of an awards show that all the celebrities were not able to make a live appearance. Beyonce and Jay-Z showed how much this particular awards show meant to them by taking the time to make the video that was shared with their fans.

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