Bill Murray made bomb joke at O'Hare airport: Is the TSA overly sensitive about people making threat jokes in airports?

  • TSA is too senstive at airports

    I do appreciate what the TSA does, but I also believe they do act a bit ridiculous sometimes around others in airports. This includes taking a strong stance when someone obviously makes a joke about a touchy topic. If you know someone is joking and nobody is in harm, you should not feel compelled to punish that person.

  • No, the TSA takes its safety responsibility seriously.

    No, the TSA is not overly sensitive about threat jokes in airports. They are charged with the responsibility to keep the public safe, and bomb jokes in airports are no laughing matter, even if it is Bill Murray making them. The United States Supreme Court ruled decades ago that free speech has its limits. You can't yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater if there is no fire. At 65 years old and in this political climate, Bill Murray should have exercised better judgment.

  • No, the TSA is not overly sensitive about threatening jokes.

    The TSA is tasked with the job of providing safe and secure airport travel for millions each day. The agency takes its job seriously by scrutinizing every threat made. Even if something is said as a joke, the agency must still treat it like a serious threat. That is why people should not make jokes about bomb threats. In short, the TSA is not overly sensitive about people joking about bomb threats at airports.

  • The TSA is not overly sensitive

    The TSA is not overly sensitive about people making jokes about bombs in airports since these need to be taken seriously. The issue came to light after Bill Murray made a joke at O'Hare airport. The agency is under tremendous pressure from the public and politicians to do their job better and more efficiently.

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