Black Lives Matters storm a runway at London City Airport. Will this movement peter out?

  • Yes, everyone is beginning to see the lack of logic behind BLM

    Even those who agree with Black Lives Matter's cause are doubting it. They've started to do even more ridiculous things to spread there (factually incorrect) message, including blocking the airport mentioned above and taking over the stand at an event that served as tribute to the victims of the terrorist act in Orlando, and let's not forget the riots. They just keep getting more and more desperate, and no matter how much celebrity support or media attention they get, they will eventually peter out and fade away from the political scene.

  • Black Lives Matter won't last

    I think that Black Lives Matter has a point. They have a serious issue to make others aware of. I think this is a movement that is in the news right now, but I feel sure that it will disappear soon. Police officers are going to be so aware of how they treat black young men, I hope, that the problem will resolve itself. I'm hoping that Black Lives Matter has done their job already and that we won't see them as necessary any longer.

  • Yes, they chose an inappropriate target in this case and seem to be slightly desperate.

    This action, taken by a group of white people against an airport, seemed to lose public sympathy as it put across a confused message. They chose the airport to highlight the case that poor people living around the airport were suffering pollution because rich people want to travel. However, the area's poor people are both black and white, as are the people who suffered disruption to their travel. The movement need to focus more on black issues or lose the impetus.

  • Yes, the Black Lives Matter Movement will eventually fade into the background

    Yes, the Black Lives Matter Movement will eventually fade into the background. Hopefully, those involved in the movement will keep it going long enough to make a difference and do something for blacks in society. It is good that the movement has gone on for this long, gotten some celebrity endorsements, and brought attention to the plight of blacks in American society.

  • This movement will not peter out

    Black Lives Matters is an important movement, but unfortunately it is misunderstood by many. The Black Lives Matter movement will not die down because people have taken it and used it for any cause they want. Although it began with good intentions, it has been misinterpreted and because of that, it is only growing stronger.

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