• A case of police overreach

    Not all members of the police force are horrible, but this is a clear case of overreach. He simply overdid it with Alton Sterling. This and the Castile case are cases where Black Lives Matter actually applies and though I disagree with them as far as some of their protesters climbing onto cars and harassing people and supporters destroying efforts to support victims of police targeting and trying to unite black victims and police victims together (i.E. All (Innocent) Lives Matter), I have no problem with BLM regarding this and Castile.

  • Yes, the police went too far.

    Yes, the police went too far. If the black man wasn't being aggressive at all, then the police should not have shot him. The police are using their guns too wildly, and seem to discharge them. Everybody loved Sterling and the police used a stun gun. They did not need to shoot him if they had a stun gun.

  • Yes, the Baton Rouge Police officers who killed the man who was selling CDs went too far.

    Yes, the officers in Baton Rouge who shot and killed the man who was selling CDs went too far. The man was shot in the chest and back multiple times after he had been tazed. The store owner who witnessed the attack characterized the officers as going way too far and handling the situation badly.

  • Yes, police went too far

    He was shot multiple times in the body. That is unnecessary violence. The issue lies in the fact that the police are not appropriately trained for intense situations such as these. Police need more live scenario training, one on one psychology training to learn how to handle such stressful situations.

  • Yes, the police went to far.

    Police violence has gotten out of controll. Many officers operate under a shoot first, ask questions later policy which has proven to be deadly. Even if he had a gun, (which he probably did not) LA allows for cancelled carry. There was also some level of racism involved, whether it was system or personal.

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