Boarding school: Is boarding school beneficial to children?

  • Helps in doing their own work

    In boarding schools children are used to do their own work and also work hard compared to students who live with their parents .The kids who live with their parents are dependent upon their parents for every thing and they are also very lazy and do not think about anything except themselves

  • Yes, boarding school beneficial for everybody

    Because in boarding schools education and extra-curricular activities are excellent. Teachers are highly professional and very co-operative. All teachers give proper care and concentration on every student because they live far away from their homes. Students become active, responsible and self dependent. Even, I also studied in DPS Badhani (DPSbadhani.Com), boarding school, and I have spent lots of good time with my last long friends.

  • Boarding school can be helpful to at-risk kids.

    There have been many cases of children who have been headed
    in the wrong direction who turned their lives around after being sent to a
    boarding school. Boarding schools are
    free of the distractions which are so prevalent in our public schools
    nowadays. I think that boarding schools
    are a very good idea, and they can help at-risk youth.

  • No its not

    It makes children away from their parents . Children should be with their parents for someone to guide them. In boarding schools teachers just teach and make them discipline without giving proper guidance.Teachers are very strict to students for silly mistakes. Boarding school is not the right way to teach or guide children .

  • It's really not

    Boarding school restricts the freedom of children who want to be independent. I do believe children should be disciplined, but not so much that they are imprisoned in education! Teachers may take to subtle BULLYING, such as throwing a chalk/pen/pencil at a child, to ensure the students don't look out the window. That is overreaction.

  • No, It Is Not

    Boarding school is not beneficial to children. It removes the home environment element, which is important in a child's development. Boarding school is about more than simple education, and may be used as treatment of deeper symptoms, such as mental or learning disorders, or unruly behavior. This could be dangerous, as boarding schools do not provide psychological treatment that some children may need.

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