Body builder Sajad Gharibi signs up to fight Isis in Syria: Is the world on the correct path to defeat ISIS?

  • This is debatable.

    No matter what, I do think the world is on the right path. We must keep fighting, even if we think it has no effect. However, I do think we have to try a little harder and put more effort. What the United States is doing now may be enough, however we need to unite as one group (all of the developed nations of the world) in an effort to fight terrorism

  • No, the world is not on the correct path to defeat ISIS.

    Many private citizens like body builder Sajad Gharibi have traveled to Syria to fight ISIS. However, ISIS will only be defeated by armed forces from the United States and NATO. It is unlikely that individuals like Gharibi will be able to defeat ISIS on their own. Therefore, the world is not on the correct path to defeating ISIS without deploying large scale forces on the ground.

  • No they are not

    Until someone is willing to completely vaporize them, there will never be and to Isis. Conventional warfare techniques do not seem to be working. They need to completely eradicated from the face of the earth. Perhaps a few well-placed hydrogen bombs would be in order. This way there would be minimal damage to architecture.

  • The World Needs to do More to Fight ISIS

    The global community needs to be doing more to combat ISIS, and stabilize the Middle East. It is appalling that this group has been able to control territory and commit human rights atrocities for several years now. Regional actors like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran should step up to stabilize the situation, and the rest of the global community should aid them in this effort.

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