• Boeing Signs Super Lucrative Contract

    Boeing signed super a lucrative contract with NASA to launch astronauts into space. This significant deal affirms Boeing`s aim to position itself in the space passengers crafts niche. There is no doubt that the moon landing was real. Last decades only prove and confirm that heroic act, while multiple agencies and governments continue to research Mars via diversified methods.

  • Yes, the moon landing was real

    The moon landing was real as it would have been very difficult to fake something so amazing to see. Neil Armstrong would have killed himself by now if he felt the moon landing was a fake setup made for TV. The truth would have leaked out somehow but it hasn't.

  • Yes, it was real

    I have no doubt that the Moon landing was real. People love conspiracy theories and would love to think that the whole thing was made up by the Government. I think that the landing was real and that it also has had tons of proof that it was real. I feel that there will always be people who do not believe it was real though.

  • Moon landing not real

    I do not think that the moon landing was real. I believe it was a fake or that there is something serious going on that was covered up. The one thing that I question is why we have not went back to the moon. I mean it was over 30 years ago why have we not went to seek more information. There has to be a reason.

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