Bomb blast in German city causes casualties: Will this latest attack make the Germans take fighting ISIS seriously?

  • There's no doubt

    The Germans have already begun to take ISIS seriously. I think all of Europe is on edge since the Paris shootings and the recent truck driving rampage. The sad part is that Germany was one of the countries that was kind enough to take in Syrian refugees. Now, with the fear of terrorism there will more than likely be a hesitation to help. It is so sad.

  • Yes it will

    Isis has become a major terrorist force in the world, and this latest series of attacks is causing citizens in countries previously unaffected by them stand up and take not. The attacks on Germany are certainly a sign that they will now take ISIS much more seriously than they have before.

  • Second Attack within a Week Initiates Urgency

    Since there have been at least two big news-worthy attacks in Germany within the past week, there should be a serious inquiry by the Germans as to how they're going to approach fighting ISIS and to eliminate them as a terrorist group from their country. People tend to take things more seriously the more things start happening in a pattern.

  • No, this latest attack will not make the Germans take fighting ISIS seriously?

    The latest suicide bombing attack in Germany will not make the country take fighting ISIS seriously. Unfortunately, the memories of WWII have made many Germans opposed to war; even fighting for self-defense against terrorists organizations in the Middle East. The German government does not have the will or the public support to defeat ISIS.

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