• Son are more helpful

    Because the daughter are married and go to her husband house then how she help them to her parents. If the father in law are not allow to help her parents how can she help.If the her husband are not good financial conditions how can she help them by money.

  • From birth to death, females bare that responsibility

    From birth to death, that responsibility has fallen on female shoulders. A son's wife might help (cook for, clean for, visit), but the son is usually just a passive participant in these matters. Occasionally, a son might chip in a few bucks, buy only to contribute to something a woman organized.

  • The Gender Doesn't Matter!

    This is crazy! The gender doesn't determine how helpful they are, and woman don't have to get married. Also, if there is no one to help and elderly person, then they can just go to a community home. Frankly, this whole idea is crazy, it shouldn't be a debate. The gender doesn't matter, anyone who is smart enough to read this post is smart enough to know that gender doesn't matter in this situation.

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