Brazil and other countries imported more slaves than the U.S.: Is U.S. slavery overemphasized in history books?

  • Black people sold black people

    What blacks fail to realize is their own people sold their own people into slavery. How can you get mad at whitey, when your own people sold them to us? It cracks me up when you guys call yourselves queens and kings.. You weren't queens and kings, your ancestors were the trash that got sold to slavery.

  • No, it is not.

    Please post the statistics that say Brazil and "other countries" imported more slaves than the U.S. did. Slavery is not overemphasized in history books. American citizens are overemphasized in their rug-sweeping techniques. Instead of trying to rewrite history and deny what they've done, perhaps the ancestors of the people who brought the slaves over to the U.S. should repent. I'm just saying.

  • No, it is not

    As a US citizen, I'm most concerned about our history. While other countries may have been more heavily involved in the slave trade, this is the only country, as far as I know where the after effects of slavery can still be observed. There's a pretty big education/opportunity gap that stems from the remains of slavery followed by Jim Crow laws. Even something as simple as access to a public swimming pool and the fact that many more African Americans don't know how to swim is a result of that, so no it can't be overemphasized.

  • Come on now

    First of all the remnants of hundreds of years of slavery are still affecting African Americans in the United States. The history books don't tell the whole story. As a matter of fact the modern history books barely talk about slavery in America. It needs to be expanded more, the photos of the barbarism should be shown. We need to face the truth of our past in order to move into a glorious future.

  • Although other countries may have imported more slaves than the U.S., U.S. slavery is not overemphasized in history books because it was still an ugly, devastating time that deserves to be examined.

    Even though other countries imported a larger number of slaves than the U.S. did when slavery was still legal, U.S. slavery is not overemphasized in history books because the issue lies not with the specific number of slaves, but the institution of slavery in general. Exactly how many slaves each country imported is beside the point because all slavery is wrong and no country should ever have engaged in it.

  • Not in US history

    In general high school level history classes focus on US history. If you're taking a world history class then yes, the experience of slavery in other countries should be looked at more closely. In US history class the focus is on the US, so while it would make sense to include the fact that other countries also imported slaves to put history within a global context, since it's "US history" it still makes sense to focus primarily on the US.

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