Brazil routed Honduras, 6-0, in the men's soccer semifinals at the Rio Olympics. Will Brazil win the gold?

  • Yes, Brazil will win gold.

    Yes, Brazil's men soccer team will win the gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games. Not just because they are the best team left in the competition, but because they are the home team. Having the crowd rooting for you, making encouraging or discouraging noises at just the right times, will be the turning point in the game.

  • Yes, Brazil will win the gold.

    Brazil won their match with Honduras, 6-0 in the men's semifinals. Wow! Mentally that gives Brazil a huge edge. First, they are on their home turf with lots of home fans routing for them. 2. For Honduras to come all this way to the semifinals and loose so badly, has to bruise their ego. Besides coming with their A game, they are going to have to beat some serious mental irriation to get the mindset that they are able to win.

  • Brazil will go on!

    Brazil is well known for its prowess in soccer. They completely shut out Honduras. They are a powerhouse team and are gaining momentum. Captain Neymar showed incredible fortitude, with a quick-scoring goal and playing despite an injury! With players such as Neymar and Gabriel Jesus, they will go on to win gold!

  • Yes, they have homefield advantage and a great team.

    Brazil couldn't take advantage of being at home in the last World Cup, but this time, it will be able to win. Brazil was embarrassed by Germany in the last World Cup, but this time, it will get its revenge. Neymar is too good, and the Brazilian fans will be extremely excited.

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