'Breath of the Wild' is the boldest 'Zelda' game in years: Are the new Zelda games more fun than the original?

  • On another scale

    This game is so vast, so good, so in-depth, it is not only one of the best Zelda games, it is one of the best Nintendo games. You can do so many things, play the game so many ways, it is the most fun I've had in a video game. CHECK THIS GAME OUT!!

  • Yes, this game looks so amazing.

    The art definitely looks like an impressionist painting in motion which is telling of Nintendo’s uniqueness in the console world that is dominated by ultra realistic adventures like Uncharted that are half movie half video game. If the rumored specs of the NX are true with it being much more in line with the PS4 and Xbox One then we should be guaranteed a very smooth framerate in FHD if Nintendo is planning to continue with their unique art style for their games and not trying to go the real life counterpart looking style.

  • It all has to do with perception.

    When it comes to video games it all depends on how you look at them. The older games might have been more fun but the newer ones are more elaborate. It is hard to gauge such a thing because opinions and perceptions change over time. We are so worried about labels that we can't enjoy things.

  • No, no Zelda game will ever surpass A Link to the Past.

    I have played and loved many Zelda games over the years, and it's true that "Breath of the Wild" looks incredible. However, the games have never gotten better than A Link to the Past. Simple gameplay, an exciting and novel story line, and difficult puzzles made the game a classic that I still play to this day.

  • No, the original games were more fun.

    No, the original games were more fun, but that could just be because I have got older and not every reboot of an early game works. There was a lot to be said for those older games, even though the graphics were terrible, everything was just so new and innovative.

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