British MP accuses Trump of fascism: should Theresa May allow him into the country?

  • Yes, why not ?

    Far worse people have been invited, e.g. the tyrants who rule China.

    Intemperate liberals are calling Trump a Nazi, a fascist, a racist, a misogynist.

    He is none of these things - indeed, many liberals are, in their shrill hysteria, turning into fascists themselves.

    It's time they calmed down, and pronto.

  • "The fascists of the future will say they are anti-fascist"

    Eceryone who calls Trump a facist, a nazi, or hitler, obviously have no idea what any of those words are. If Trump really were a fascist, then how come all thes protest against him haven't ended in bloody conflicts? It seems every argument against trump is always, "just because" I see no evidence that proves Trump is a fascist and I find it hypocritical that the ones calling Trump a fascist are the actual fascists.

  • Trump beheaded by queen!

    As a visiting dignitary Trump should be welcomed but not to a parliamentary address. He has not made his intentions clear as to the "special relationship" we enjoyed under Mr. Obama. Until trade, defence and climate policies are agreed we can not hand out unearned, gratuitous honours to Mr. Trump.

  • Yes, the invite was to the president not to the person

    Trump may be a bit of an a** but as of yet he hasn't don anything illegal, the things people are getting up in arms about are precisely the same things he said and was elected to do. If we let the house of Saud have tea with the Queen, why would we ban a democratically elected leader who hasn't killed anyone from entering the country.

  • The idea of Teresa May not lertting Trump into the country is ludicrous and will never happen.

    It would be an unforgivable affront to the president and to the American people for any world leader, especially the British prime minister, to refuse to allow our president into their country. There would be no Great Britain or France or half the countries in the world if it were not for the United States and for a British MP to stoop to name calling is childish and reflects on that individual. Few of us support Trump's latest actions, but he is our president and commands the respect of foreign governments as the leader of the United States, regardless of his popularity here or abroad.

  • He's already been invited.

    I don't see how May can suddenly take back an invitation. She shouldn't have invited him in the first place. Let's just hope that the people of the UK come out to protest, peacefully, when Trump visits. I also hope that one of the Royals says something that makes him choke on his food or drink.

  • Yes, he hasn't committed a crime.

    Since when does fascism permit an individual from visiting another country? Not to mention that this is merely the Prime Minister's opinion of one man, who also happens to be the president of the United States. To ban Trump from visiting England (once again visiting, not moving) would be to close the doors of communication and to foster bad relations with the leader of the free world, something that no major country can afford to do for long.

  • Yes, she should.

    Of course Theresa May should allow President Trump into the United Kingdom. Trump is the American president - Britain and America have long shared a special relationship - therefore, the president of the United States should always be welcome in Great Britain. Theresa May should not cave into political pressure.


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  • Past meets Present

    As has been recorded the UK had tried last year to prevent Donald by petition and the only reason it was dropped was because Donald was selected for the Republican Party nominee at the convention. The petition was dropped so as not to influence the American Election was a kind act of diplomacy on England's part...But Donald was in the past part of the scheme to separate Scotland from England. Donald and the Nigel guy in the Uk government were the cause of the scandal, and the UK people fought all around the world to prevent the break up...If you had been playing close attention you would have seen that many small entities of the British Government nearly collapsed... The problem is now that Donald has won the office and has reneged on how he has handled the process and has even threatened to make things tougher on the UK if need be, Donald has taking revenge on the BBC and the press from past arguments that he has lost before the people of Scotland and the UK..Donald does not like being laughed at even hates the press there as much as here...It is a fact, yet he has Bannon a news guy from the Far right Alt side as a close associate, now when you think of a twisted mind think of what Donald's and Bannons children will look like except that the 2 of them are married to each other...Yeah for the people of the Uk stating what Donald is and what he will never be, well liked and even worse scorned through-out England's history....

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