British PM Cameron resigned following the Brexit vote. Should he stay to ensure a smooth process?

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  • Cameron made this mess.

    Cameron said that he would call a referendum that he didn't want just to get the likings of voters and now that what he didn't want to happen happened, he should stay to clear up the mess he made.Now he has left he has just left someone else to do the thing he needed to do.

  • British PM Cameron resigned following the Brexit vote. He should not stay to ensure a smooth process.

    British PM Cameron's decision to resign following the Brexit vote is a wise one. He should not be expected to stay and ensure that the whole exit process happens smoothly, since he was never in support of Brexit. As a Prime Mininister he did have a big impact on Britain's future but Brexit has and will change several other political decisions.

  • No, he should not stay.

    If he is not up to the job, he should not stay. He made the huge mistake of offering it up for public vote and his arrogance backfired. He never thought the UK would vote to leave and was in no way prepared. The best option would be a general election and let the public choose the best replacement.

  • Cameron should do the right thing and resign

    British PM should resign following the today's Brexit outcome. I believe this is the right decision due to his previous behavior regarding the UK's involvement in the EU affairs. What I mean is, that while it was serving his needs he was actively threatening with UK leaving the EU, especially regarding the refugee crisis. Now, it would seem, that toying around with Brexit has backfired on him.

  • Cameron is right to leave after "Brexit"

    The "Brexit" vote has rocked the world: Britain leaving the EU has serious consequences for world markets. The British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will resign as a result of the vote. He is right to do so: he did not agree with the Brexit vote, and so Britain deserves a leader who supports it and will guide the country during that time of change.

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