British pound volatility exceeds Bitcoins: Do you like the concept of virtual currency?

  • Yes, a virtual currency would be attractive.

    Bitcoins have gained in popularity over the last few years. Some are still skeptical about using a virtual currency - fearing that the currency will be more volatile than legal tender issued by central banks. However, many see the benefits of using virtual currencies because their value can be more stable. In short, the concept of using a virtual currency is a good idea to explore.

  • I do like virtual currency.

    Today's world is becoming increasingly automated; every day computers are taking over more and more tasks that humans used to do. The concept (which for a while has been realized) of virtual currency is a step into the future. Not to mention, millennials are all about computers and technology. I also find that virtual currency can be very convenient for those who know how to use it properly.

  • The Dark Side Of Virtual Currency

    While it is true that transactions involving virtual currency can be faster and more secure, the risks of these virtual currencies outweigh any potential benefits. Some of the risks to the users of virtual currencies include hacking, loss, and theft. Also, the company Bitcoin has been accused of allowing its users to anonymously traffic in illegal goods and launder money. Likely, more regulations are required to protect the users of virtual currencies and keep virtual currencies from being used in the black market.

  • No, virtual currency is risky.

    No, I do not support bitcoins or virtual currency because I think it is a risky concept that could only end badly with theft, viruses, and other reasons. I think it is safer and more reasonable to stick with monetary currency like a dollar or a pound, and not get involved with an electronic currency.

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