• Money talks so Brock walks

    It's obvious that in America there are two justice systems: One you get if you can afford a high-priced lawyer that knows the right people, and one you get if you are an average American without political connections. Brock has money, so he can afford to purchase his freedom. This case tells you everything you need to know about white privilege.

  • Yes, Brock Turner's conviction was too lenient.

    Yes, I believe that Brock Turner's conviction was incredibly too lenient. In addition to an appallingly short jail sentence, Turner's treatment by the University, the judge, and the media all are glaring examples of white male privilege in contemporary American society. If Turner had been a person of color, without financial resources, Ivy-league pedigree, athletic legacy, or familial support, it is without doubt that his sentence would be very different.

  • Rape is Reprehensible

    Rape is one of the worst things a person can do to another human being. It is on the same scale as murdering someone. Murder and rape should have clear punishments regardless of the criminal's future. Justice is justice. Brock Turner only served 3 months for a disgusting and atrocious crime. The punishment should definitely had been heavier for this heinous act.

  • Yes, Brock Turner had a lenient conviction

    Brock Turner was given a light sentence of 6 months to serve for a violent crime and then he only served 3 months. This lenient sentence is unusual for this type of crime and it appears that he was given special treatment. There have been criminals with marijuana possession that have served longer sentences. The public outrage to the Turner case may help to focus on the unfair criminal system.

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