Brock Turner expected to leave jail two months early: Should he have gotten a longer sentence?

  • Absolutely. His sentence was a joke!

    Brock Turner essentially got a slap on the wrist. If he got a real sentence and got out early for good behavior, that would be one thing, but he's never taken responsibility for committing a crime. Given a similar offense, almost anyone else would have received a much longer sentence. The victim will have to deal with the "significant impact" for the rest of her life. He should have received a longer sentence.

  • Yes, evidently so, it's really disturbing.

    Unbelievable. Why not just make it "time served" and let him get on with his life. And while we're at it, maybe he should counter sue the victim for all his court costs. Because he is a rich boy who got 6 months when prosecutors wanted 6 years. Because his daddy feels that 20 minutes of raping shouldn't erase 20 years of having a clean record AND because the judge feels that jail will be too hard for "Richie Rich"...

  • Yes, the sentence did not fit the crime.

    Brock Turner was looking at six years in prison for his crimes. Other people who have been convicted of similar crimes have gotten sentences that were much more harsh. The judge made a really bad decision by being lenient. It was a decision driven by bias and was deeply unfair to the victim.

  • Brock Turner's sentence should've been much longer

    Brock Turner should have gotten a much longer sentence; something along the lines of 10 years in prison. If not only to help rehabilitate himself, but it would also serve as justice for his victim and her family. This also spreads the message to the country that if you commit this crime, you won't have to spend much time in jail for it.

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