Brock Turner's Mugshots: Did police and Stanford University wait too long to release this alleged rapist's mugshot photos?

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  • Brock Turner's mugshots should have been released sooner

    The police and Stanford University were much too delayed in releasing the mugshots of rapist Brock Turner. He was convicted of three charges of sexual assault, a serious charge that means he should be vilified by society. His mugshots aid in that process: they help people understand who he is and what he did. By waiting so long to release Brock Turner's mugshots, the legal system of California shows how little they care about sexual assault cases.

  • Yes, the police and Stanford University waited too long to release the alleged rapist's mugshot photos.

    Yes, the police and Stanford University waited too long to release the alleged rapist's mugshot photos because for most rape cases the criminal's mugshot is usually released as soon as possible. Most people believe that because of Brock Turner is a white male from a wealthy family and prominent educational institution was the reason why he was sentenced to only six months in prison.

  • The Wait Time on Mugshot Release

    Brock Turner's mugshots portrays him in a much different light than the school photo used throughout the length of this case. The school photo and the mugshot show a Jekyll and Hyde polarity and both had the ability to influence the way that society viewed not only the case but also Mr. Turner, as well as his victim. The usage of the school photo was an obvious ploy to garner sympathy and support for this perpetrator, while the mugshot would have represented him in a different light. This kind of tactic is both reprehensible but it also unfairly sways a jury, and society to an incorrect way of thinking in terms of who Mr. Turner is, not to mention the crime that he committed.

  • What's the point?

    Does knowing what the kid looks like solve anything? Sounds to me like the media already knew about his crimes as well as his name, race, gender and age. The article even states that numerous photos where available by a google search so what the great need of these photos if you can already look up what the kid looks like? So what is the point of showing his arrest photo?

  • There was no viable reason to not immediately release Brock Turner's mugshots.

    By holding back Brock Turner's mugshots, the authorities blatantly exposed the power of white privilege. Had these been the mugshots of an underclass non-caucasian, the mugshots would have been immediately released. Mugshots are routinely released into the media. There was no legal reason to hold back the release of Turner's mugshots. The police and Stanford University waited far too long to release the mugshots, further inciting public ill-will and propagating white and class privilege.

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