• Homeless people are a threat

    Homeless people are a clear and present threat. Most homeless are either mentally ill or drug addicted. That, in and of itself, makes these people a danger to society and themselves. How many more examples of this kind of thing do we need to see before the homeless are reviled instead of revered?

  • Homeless people are not a threat

    It is a widely believed stereotype to think that the homeless people of the country are a violent group. Some of them can be violent, but as a group, they are no more violent than the rich. I am inclined to believe the rich population can be more violent than the homeless, because they feel they have more to fight for.

  • General homeless aren't a threat

    I've had many first hand experiences with the homeless and in my time i have not had one single problem, in fact they've been actually quite nice. I mean of course not all homeless are like that. There's always bound to at least be one bad egg, but in conclusion ( to me at least) the homeless pose no threat unless given a reason to do so

  • Homeless people are people, no more no less

    Homeless people are much like you and me, except that they have encountered struggles that many of us can't even dream of. Some homeless people have psychological problems, and they need help. If we treat these people like criminals, that won't help anyone. We need to help them get back on their feet.

  • Homeless people are not a threat solely based on the stabbing in Golden Gate Park.

    No, homeless people should not be deemed a threat strictly because there was a stabbing in Golden Gate Park. An independent event can't be used to generalize an entire social class of people. Homeless people by and large are simply people trying to live from one day to the next with as much dignity as they can muster. They should be treated and regarded as individuals first and foremost.

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