California voters to decide on recreational marijuana: Will California vote to legalize recreational marijuana?

  • I believe California will legalize recreational marijuana.

    California already has a pretty nice strong hold when it comes to marijuana. I may be wrong, but I believe they were the first state to legalize medical marijuana. The voters seem to want to opportunity to purchase marijuana legally. And to be frank, people will continue to buy marijuana regardless of the outcome of the vote, and I think people are very aware of this, thus they might as well keep the crime on marijuana down and enjoy the benefits of the money coming in.

  • Yes, California will vote to legalize recreational marijuana.

    Most individuals may rationalize that a vote to legalize recreational marijuana will help to increase revenue to the state since vendors will have to legitimately pay taxes. The bigger question though becomes what will the the cost to the public's safety? Even though it would reduce drug convictions for the possession of the drug, there is still a great risk to the public because of the increased number of impaired individuals who may be driving or operating other machinery. It is one thing to knowingly put oneself at risk, but then what about inadvertently putting the lives of others at risk?

  • Hey why not, alcohol is legal

    Seriously, we carry on about recreational Marijuana but yet the truth be told alcohol is just as harmful if not done in moderation. So if alcohol can be legally consumed by adults why not Marijuana. Yes I don't like the edible versions of Marijuana, why because these can be mistaken for candy or cookies by kids, so with these parents and others need to be careful where they store them along with how much they consume themselves.

  • Yes, I think that California voters will vote to legalize recreational marijuana.

    Yes, I think that California voters will vote to legalize recreational marijuana because more and more Americans are in support of legalizing recreational marijuana. California is also a liberal state and people don't view the substance as taboo as they once did. I think that California will definitely vote to legalize recreational marijuana.

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