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  • Maybe, but probably not

    You never know who can and can't dance til you see them on the show. Plus some "stars" overcome their lack of dancing ability with personality and like-ability. Doug Flutie can't dance, but he's got a nice personality and the audience liked him. He tried his best and didn't look foolish. Most folks understand that if you haven't had professional training, DWTS is pretty hard. Calvin Johnson may be a surprise like Emmit Smith or Jason Taylor, or he might be more like Doug Flutie, but he won't look foolish.

  • Calvin Johnson dances with the best of them

    Just because he will be dancing with the best of them, doesn't mean he will dance as well as them., but why not give him a chance? He has time to learn the moves, right? They practice for a long time, I'm assuming. I don't think that he will be any worse than anyone else. He's athletic and he's African American. That's not a bad combination for dancing.

  • No, Calvin Johnson will not look foolish on Dancing with the Stars.

    No, Calvin Johnson will not look one bit foolish on Dancing with the Stars. I think he is great and very agile. He also has a great confidence about him which will keep him looking calm and collected while he is enjoying himself on Dancing with the Stars. He will do great.

  • No, he will not look foolish.

    No, he will not look foolish. Although Calvin Johnson's sister said that he can't dance, he is an acclaimed football player and most likely is very light on his feet and very athletic. He should not doubt be able to keep up with any of the dancers' intense routines and moves.

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