Cameras in courtrooms: Should cameras be placed in courtrooms so that criminal trials can be televised?

  • Cameras should be placed in courtrooms.

    To help people in school to see what it is like to be judge! If we don't know what it is like being in jail or being judge then we think there is no bad consequence to the action! So that's why we need that information! If we watch people being judge for a good reason then we learn from it because we won't do it or we are in the same place as the people you were watching on T.V.!

  • Cameras should not be placed in courtrooms.

    Cameras should not be placed in courtrooms. A criminal trial is a very private matter for the family of the victim and the defendant, and it should be treated as such. When the dirty laundry of a criminal trial is televised, that ruins the whole point of the trial and often makes it more difficult.

  • We Can't Sensationalize Courtrooms

    Unfortunately, the media sensationalizes court cases and hearings every day. Not all of these trials see the light of day with video cameras, though. State and federal laws sometimes ban cameras from the courtroom, and that's how things should be today. Most cases shouldn't be televised because glamorizing courtrooms turn them into something like a game show.

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