Can a bad call completely change momentum in a sports game?

  • The catch rule should change in NFL

    The catch rule should change because the refs are not seeing the plays right so it should change OBJ had that catch there are also a lot more plays that have hurt the sports so yes the rules could change because then they could go out of field goal range or not get a touchdown

  • Yes, a bad call can cripple morale.

    Yes, a bad call can definitely change the momentum in a sports game. Most sports games are very fast, with plays occurring so fast you hate to blink. Once a team is able to gain momentum, the adrenaline kicks in and you can feel the excitement. Then a bad call is made and the team never regains the momentum it had. The bad call often causes a negative feeling and impacts the outcome of the game.

  • Yes a bad call can change the momentum in a sports game.

    When a team is playing well, and a bad call is made by a referee it lowers the teams morale. They may feel like the referees are out to get them. As a result of that feeling, the team may not play as well as they were before the bad call.

  • Bad Calls Mean Everything

    In my opinion, the officiating crew definitely has way too much power when it comes to the NFL. For example, there have been many calls that have decided the result of the football game. When officials have this much leverage over the game, it is simply not fair. When an official makes a bad call, the team loses momentum and a good drive can be halted. A bad call that rules a first down as an incomplete catch can ruin a football game as well.

  • Bad calls can sometimes change the momentum.

    It is really up to the team, and what time the bad call happened during the game. If the bad call comes on the last play, then it definitely changed the momentum of the game. If the bad call is early, then the team should have time to make up for that bad call. The best teams do not let bad calls effect them.

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