Can a belief in monotheism be logical or rational?

Asked by: PeterBlack
  • Logical and rational within a certain context

    To many people, the Bible is the one source of logic and reason in the modern world. I myself am a secular humanist, but I can see why many people turn to religion in times of trouble, or 'find God' in a euphoric moment. Inexplicable, 'spiritual' occurrences are very easy to pin on a single god or an absolute truth, and whilst I don't believe in any particular god, I can see why people do

  • Monotheism is irrational and illogical.

    There are many many monotheistic gods that are believed in around the world.
    By definition, monotheism is a belief in only one God.
    When choosing one God from a potentially infinite list of gods, your odds of choosing the right one are '1' in many.
    Therefore, to any particular monotheistic view is highly unlikely to be true and cannot be arrived at logically.
    To maintain any particular monotheistic view in light of its unlikelyhood and lack of logic, is there irrational.

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