• Yes, a computer can replicate the human brain.

    Though we still have a long way to go, it is entirely feasible that we will one day produce a computer that can replicate the human brain. We know that the brain is made of physical matter and that electric and chemical signals are what is going on inside. Provided there is no sort of magic involved, there is no reason to think that we won't one day have the technology to build a perfect replica.

  • Once We Understand

    I believe humans will be able to create a computer that can replicate the human brain, however I believe we will have to fully understand the human brain in order to do it. Computers are flexible, they can do whatever we can teach them. If we learn how the brain works fully, then it would be relatively easy to teach these traits to a computer.

  • Yes we can replicate the human brain

    The human brain is not much different from a computer, because it's just a bunch of neurons firing electrical signals, which can be replicated by a computer with enough work. The only thing scientists need to change about computers for them to be able to think is to have conflicting parties. If there are different parts of the computer and there is a disagreement between the two sides that's how decisions are made

  • No, computers cannot replicate human emotion

    No, computers will never be able to replicate the human brain. While they may be able to replicate human logic and a thought process, they will never have the emotional factor that is used in making many human decisions. This would make it unable to interact or react appropriately in certain situations.

  • We need people.

    No, a computer cannot ever replicate the human brain, because the human brain cannot ever make a judgment call. A computer can only do what it is programmed to do. It cannot decide that one is better than the other, because it can only repeat what it has been programmed to think.

  • Computers run on commands, the brain is a tool of the mind which allows the being to be commanded.

    You're talking about literally creating an alternate mind which by we having our own mind is unnecessary and impossible, record keeping for basic information is likely the extent of anything we can ever make. The brain is also not all active 24/7 because it isn't necessary power wise. The only way a "conscious" computer exists is in the imagination, movies and cartoons and the only way it would even appear to exist in reality is by being staged on a script with actors to make it slightly more believable. Could say more but the simplest answer is usually the most truthful.

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