Can a heavy Christian be against homosexuality religiously but support them politically? (In the terms of everyone deserves freedom)

Asked by: ghostdance11
  • The inconsistency in Christianity.

    I believe this question has different answers depending on which denomination of Christianity you say you are a part of. Now I am not a Christian but I was raised a baptist and have read through 3 different versions of the Bible and it is my belief that the majority of Christian beliefs would say yes you can support the legislation for LGBT rights but not the morale lifestyle of homosexuality.

  • No not at all

    If you support it politically and let people be homosexual more and more people will think that it is ok to be homosexual and will be in term be led away from god. It needs to be against the law to do this and "gay marriage"should not be a thing in terms of being a valid documented marriage,for tax purposes

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