Can alternative energy effectively replace fossil fuels?

  • yes...because energy sources such as bio fuels, hydrogen, solar, geothermal, or nuclear energy can meet energy demands.

    Alternative energy sources such as bio fuels, hydrogen, solar, geothermal, or nuclear energy can meet energy demands better than finite fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Fossil fuels are inefficient, unsustainable, environmentally destructive, and the primary contributor to global climate change. They say renewable energies are a viable and immediately needed alternative to fossil fuel use that could boost the US economy and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources.

  • Replace fossil fuels with hardwoods.

    The source of renewable energy has to be able to solar heat. First of all, put double efficiency hydro-thermal turbines on the market. I just invented them. Next, start producing methanol from hardwoods with the aid of the double efficiency hydro-thermal turbines. The process for manufacture of methanol should be mounted on mobile supports and placed in the forest, so that the carbon dioxide from the process will speed up the growth of trees.

  • Yes they can

    Alternative energy can replace fossil fuels. There are so many avenues of different energy sources, such as nuclear energy, solar energy, and hydrogen-based technology like automobiles. The one source that will propel us into the future of alternative energy will be nuclear energy, as its potential for use is enormous.

  • Yes, alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels.

    Yes, I believe that alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels, in time. Although we are currently still very dependent on fossil fuels, we have been slowly moving toward alternative energy and in time it will completely replace fossil fuels. There are so many avenues of different energy sources, such as nuclear energy, solar energy, and hydrogen-based technology like automobiles. The one source that will propel us into the future of alternative energy will be nuclear energy, as its potential for use is enormous.

  • yes alternative energy would be an amazing replacement.

    the next step in energy innovation is green energy. fossil fuels are a limited energy source that hurt the environmental. this can easily be changed because green energy is limited to the amount of energy the universe itself has compiled. it is virtually limitless and can prevent any and all energy crises.

  • Yes, alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels.

    With the vast amounts of already existing alternative fuel sources and the fact that scientists are continuing to research newer and better forms of energy it is impossible to say that it can't effectively replace fossil fuels. Recently I saw an article about a new water battery that is being created at MIT that will be able to power a car for hundreds of miles! With technologies like this on the horizon, it is hard to not think that our futures may have very little reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Yes we can replace fossil fuels.

    Alternative energy can take a vast number of forms from simple solar power to more complex systems such as fuel cells. Each type of variation has its own benefits and hindrances just as much as fossil fuel systems. The trick to replacing fossil fuels is to match each energy need with a compatible alternative system. The transition will be a bit rough but as we rely on the alternative more and refine the technology’s we will have a bright fossil fuel free future before us.

  • Alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels

    I believe alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels. The field of alternative energy must be expanded so more research is done on the topic. By doing this we can hire scientists and engineers to further explore alternative energy sources such as wind, water, and solar power. Fossil fuels will run out eventually and society needs an answer to that problem.

  • Yes it can replace fossil fuels

    It can replace fossil fuels because of pollution. Right now my generation is in a bad state which can mean that in the next generation the world could end if we continue to use fossil fuels. Also it can break our atmosphere and the sun will burn us all. So alternative energy can replace fossil fuels.

  • Alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels

    Energies such as wind energy or solar energy are already used in some countries, fossil fuels will eventually run out and in that case we will be dead. We need energy for our every day life, and we can't risk running out of energy because of a lack of fossil fuels

  • No it cant

    It would take for ever and we already have been using fossil fuels so why change it? It would just be a waste of time and money if we did change it. Also as soon as the sun went down or the wind stop blowing then we wouldn't have any energy unlike with fossil fuels we have energy all the time.

  • maybe not

    All of these alternative energy sources have their own issues such as energy transfer or destruction of natural habitat. Hydro involves building dams and in turn destroy
    the habitat of the river or lake they were placed in. Also most forms of alternative energy are very expensive. We tried to put a solar panel on our house and a small one cost almost one thousand dollars!

  • It is a waste

    It is waste even to try to switch to such lame kind of energies. First of all such energies are very expensive to install and has a higher level of maintenance. They are very dangerous for both environment as well as for the human beings. Hence i conclude it is waste of time to switch upon such energies

  • We are stuck on fossil fuel

    Fossil fuel is what we can't get rid of yet green energy may last forever but we are connected to fossil fuel for a long time. What's the point of trying to change over when 91% of energy is based on fossil fuel. We can't unless we slowly let go.

  • No, can be supportive but not replaced by

    The sun also provides enough energy that can be stored for use long after the sun sets and even during extended cloudy periods. But making it available is much easier said than done. It would be cost prohibitive to make solar energy mainstream for major world consumption in the near future. The technology is pretty much ready for many business and consumer applications, but it would be way too expensive to replace the current energy infrastructure used for fossil fuel energy.

  • No it can't at this piont

    I assert that the U.S. Should keep using fossil fuels. My reasoning for this is that alternative energy can’t cover energy needs, It is too costly, and most alternative energy sources are dangerous or undependable. Fossil fuels are an energy source formed in the Earth's crust from decayed organic material. The common fossil fuels are petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Alternative energy: Energy generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment
    First, alternative energy can’t cover America’s energy needs. The two most popular alternative energy sources are wind and solar, but from 2003 to 2007 these energy sources only sustained 7% of America’s energy needs, the other larger percent was sustained through fossil fuels. Another alternative energy source is ethanol, but we lose more energy than we gain with this product, because it takes 70 percent more energy to produce, then to obtain it. Tidal energy is insignificant because it again cannot sustain all the states, although it can be locally important, not all states have tides.
    Second, using alternative energy is far too costly, although arguing opponents may say it will boost the US economy and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources. This is a falsehood, because the alternative energies suggested all seem to have the same problems. Which are; there is no way to store them, there is not enough, and to make enough would cost more then to obtain. Using alternative energy will only throw america farther into debt. Yes, wind, solar, biofuels and nuclear all compete with fossil fuels as sources of primary energy, mostly because they are better for the environment, but their contribution to the world’s total energy demand is limited because they are way more expensive and nuclear is far more limited because of the waste and disposal concerns.
    Third, most alternative energy sources are dangerous and undependable. The only real possibility that we have that will sustain America’s energy needs is nuclear power but the safety aspects cannot be guaranteed. And the waste asn disposal of it is a threatening concern to our environment. Then there is always the ideal of getting fuel from water through hydrogen but its is difficult to store and, again, dangerous to handle. Last, but not least, there is fusion (geothermal) energy, but containing the heat of the sun at 10 million degrees is a very far of hope. Wind and solar is that there is no way to store the energy produced by them. So when the sun dosen’t shine or the wind dosen’t blow, we have no energy.

  • It will never be the same as it is today

    It will be harder to replace fossil fuels than you think. It will take more than a idea to switch the whole world to another source. Things like the solar power car is very expensive more than fossil fuels. With thing like the solar power car the country would be more in dept.

  • Alternative energy cannot replace Fossil Fuels

    It will be impossible to get everyone to agree to convert to alternative energy. Though this would be a great solution, we also have to consider the debt that our country is in. Alternative energy will be very expensive, and we cannot afford to convert, even if we wanted to. Be realistic. Alternate energy will never be able to completely replace fossil fuels.

  • Nothing can replace fossil fuels

    Fossil fuels cannot be replaced as they occur naturally. We will not be needing alternative energies if we use fossil fuels wisely. Alternative energies are very costly. We cannot use it. I think the people living on the earth instead of thinking of replacing fossil fuels with alternative source of energy they should apply their brains how to conserve fossil fuels. It is not too late. R

  • I don't think alternative energy can replace fossil fuels at the moment.

    With the current rate some renewable energies are generated, I don't think it's fully possible without certain energies collaborating with others. The production is slow and the factories are expensive, so the energies aren't cost-efficient. Renewable energy sources also have some considerable disadvantages, such as pollution and deforestation. However, I did say the phrase "at the moment", so who knows? Perhaps the production of renewable energies will improve drastically, making them completely stable to replace fossil fuels.

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Anonymous says2013-07-25T08:51:35.697
Wow, this is dumb. Do we just vote on wishes here or don't any of these people have to actually deal with the incredibly limited energy production from current renewable sources? Nuclear is the only realistic alternative to fossil fuels and (owing to its dependence on mined uranium) it's essentially just another form of the same thing.