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  • They suffer a lot

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  • I think animals do have emotion

    I think animals do have emotions because say you leave for a week then you come back and all of a sudden he or she come barking and running
    or when you yell at them intensely then they will become sad and whenever they wag their tail from side to side then they are happy and these are some of the reasons why i think animals have emotions.

  • Yes... What do They do Then?

    I really think they do feel emotion and if they didn't, then what would they be doing on Earth... Humans have emotions and are non-stop emotional. Animals may not be the same non-stop emotional but, why does a horse show it's teeth when you get close to it and it doesn't like it? Why would an elephant pass by an area they've been before and their baby calf was dead, then why would it put it's trunk over it's baby and cry (sort of)? I think they do have emotions and they do feel love/sadness and affection.

  • They do feel emotion!

    It is not a chain reaction, a pets ARE sophisticated enough. Sure, dogs may have not a lot going on in their minds, but they do feel, anger, they do feel pain, they have as many emotions as humans do! When people say pets don't have emotion, that's opinion, when SCIENTISTS say animals don't have emotion, that is outrageous! Like, every other living creature they feel pain. If you think that pets don't have emotion, that is as sad as killing a worm, to see if it duplicates! In a text about this question there have been a scientist, Joseph LeDoux, tested for emotions on rats, and he found one emotion fear, that counts, everyone living creature is bonded together with the emotion fear, so yes about every living creature, EVEN PLANTS, have emotions, if anyone thinks pets do not have emotions, take a real close look at the "chain reaction" your pet does when you
    -step on their foot
    -come home from a long day at work
    -take them to a park
    -leave alone at a house
    - pet them
    -and much more!

  • I Think Animals Do Feel Emotion!

    I think animals do have emotion. I think this because if cats didn't have feelings and emotion then they would act like fools dogs to but we don't see our pets acting like that. I have seen cats who have feelings when you pet them they give one of two reactions one like you or rub on you. Second hiss at you and go away if they didn't have emotions they would just sit there.

  • Yes animals feel emotions!!!!!!!

    All animals can feel emotions. I think this because I have seen a lot of animals show emotions. Has a dog or cat ever wag its tail or purr? That is emotion! My dog has a memory. When he saw his previous bad owner he growled. Same with my cat.

  • Yes animals feel emotions!!!!!!!

    All animals can feel emotions. I think this because I have seen a lot of animals show emotions. Has a dog or cat ever wag its tail or purr? That is emotion! My dog has a memory. When he saw his previous bad owner he growled. Same with my cat.

  • Yes! For sure!

    I know animals can feel emotions for sure. You now when your dog wags it's tail or your pet cat purrs it's showing you affection or it's happy . When you call your pet dog a bad dog it will whine or feel guilty. You can tell it's guilty because it might show you it's belly or flatten its ears.

  • Yes animals feel emotions

    Yes animals have feelings because how would mating be or if they didn't have emotions it would be crazy. Also they need to feel love to mate to repopulate. And the battle for a mate in herds would be for no reason to do it. We can know they have emotions through gesture.

  • No, it's just a reaction to them.

    Emotion is sophisticated, and animals just aren't that sophisticated to appreciate emotion enough to feel it. To us human, we may say that it was an emotion we felt, because it has enough meaning to us for us to classify it as something different. However, to an animal, what happened was just another one of their reactions. They don't know what it is, they don't care what it is, what matter is what it now makes them want to do.

    Humans will be like I was so happy yesterday, or I'm so happy now, or I'll be so happy tomorrow. However, as for an animal, it's "a bird! Time to eat it", or "that smells, where does it lead to", or it's "a human, time to go run in the park".

  • Humans assign emotions to animals.

    Animals do not have emotions. The thing that sets the human animal apart from the beast is the ability to think abstract thoughts and reason. Beasts operate on instinct. Humans like to think animals have emotions. So to appease our own human emotions we often substitute emotions for instinct. The "animals have emotion" argument is more for the selfish love of oneself than for the care of the animals themselves.

  • No, they do not

    These days, everybody says animals must have feelings as they're living animals but then bacteria must have feelings to right. Its living. Animals simply do not have the civil behavior to understand these so called feelings. Their actions depend on their survival and need to stay alive not on their 'emotions'.

  • They may but at a negligible level

    These days everybody says, "Of course they have feelings, they're living things, right? Well then bacteria should also have feelings, it's a living organism. Animals are not civilized and therefore cannot feel emotion like we do. To them its just survival . Nothing matters except for staying alive and also maybe helping others stay alive so their race doesn't run extinct. Animals may process pain but not anywhere near to the extent we do.

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Tulbakra says2013-08-16T22:33:23.850
Define emotion. Animals can suffer and feel happiness, so I would be inclined to say yes.
MistyBlue says2013-08-17T00:25:05.647
The psychological definition is 'a complex state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and behavior' but a more simply put definition would be 'experiencing any of the feelings of love, hate, jealousy, anger, happiness, fear etc.'
I think that suffering doesn't necessarily equate emotion, all organisms can feel pain, so that kind of suffering I do not consider emotion, yet if an animal suffers as a result of another animal suffering or because another animal is gone/dead, or something like that, THAT would be what I consider emotion.