• Absolutely NO. Absolutely YES.

    We, the humans, are inteconnected. Unhappiness as well as happiness are choices one can make. But, how possible is that our choices are conscious and not compulsive. Living in a world where our minds are encouraged and finally deeply programmed to produce low frequency/negative thoughts, then I get really sceptical on whether there is "room" in the world for conscious happiness.

  • They determine it

    People are able to determine their own happiness. Considering what it takes to live these days, or simply the opportunities and things that exist to fill a persons life with, people have no excuses to not be happy. They can do whatever they want and are free to determine their own.

  • If they decide what happiness is.

    Yes, a person can be truly happy in the modern world, if they make up their mind to be happy. If a person defines happiness as having family and friends, they can find both, and declare themselves happy. There is good and bad in the world. If you find the good, you are happy.

  • It is possible to be truly happy in the modern world.

    It is possible to be truly happy in the modern world. To be truly happy would mean that all of your hearts desires are fulfilled, this is possible in the modern world if you can achieve financial success to obtain your most sought after commodities. It is also possible to find love and have good health and good family in the modern world, so true happiness is definitely attainable.

  • Yes, people can be happy in the modern world.

    I definitely think that people can be truly happy in the modern world. I think that everybody differs. And while some people may be unhappy due to all of the current situations in today's society, I still think that some people can be happy. It is all a matter of having a positive mindset.

  • Yes, true happiness is possible in the modern world.

    Yes, anyone can be truly happy in the modern world. All a person has to do is slow down and think and appreciate the important things in life. I think true happiness can be achieved if a person concentrates on the basics in life. Family, friends and shelter are the most important. All the modern technology is convenient but not necessary. There was a time when cell phones and computers did not exist and people made it just fine and in my opinion those were happier times with happier people.

  • I can't imagine how a person could be happy, in this or any time.

    As a species, we've evolved to be discontent. If our ancestors had been satisfied with the conditions of their lives, we would already have gone extinct. Unhappiness is the driving force behind virtually all human behavior.
    Being dissatisfied is the default state of any thinking being, it's an evolutionary imperative.

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